Friday, August 20, 2010

Hospice and women's shelters, common ground

Hospice for pets and women's abuse centers may find a common ground in support of families at risk.

American Humane, ( the nation's oldest charitable organization advocating for children and animals has developed The Pets and Women’s Shelters Program (PAWS)™. We talked to Allie Phillips, director of public policy for American Humane and creator of PAWS who said the organization started PAWS because she, like many of her colleagues, frequently witnessed the pain victims go through when they are forced to stay in abusive situations because they fear for their pets’ safety.

For Paws Hospice and a coalition of local business leaders and supporters is working now to introduce the PAWS program to women's shelters in FL.

You can read more about the PAWS program at American Humane/PAWS ( The association also offers a program guide for starting the PAWS program at your local shelter.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pet wheels - the gift of mobility

Red is a "runt" pit that was rescued from a closet, locked there by youngsters who tried to hide him from their parents, Red still can't stand being locked up. The family that rescued Red has three other dogs all rescues, all hurt in some way; but Red doesn't mind he has brothers and sisters.

Now another situation threatens to lock Red up once again, Red has a debilitating arthritis and a cracked vertebra that may condemn Red to isolation from family walks and backyard romps; Red needs a wheel cart.

Red's owners contacted For Paws Hospice looking to our Cart Share program called Bosco's wheels for help.

Bosco's Wheels is a program that donates used carts to families like Red's who care about their animals but can't afford the $300 - $500 cost of a new cart.

For Paws pays all the expenses to refurbish used carts and fit the patient as well as the cost of rehabilitation care and shipping. The cart is free to the family to use as long as it's needed and then it's returned to For Paws Hospice and made available to another needy pet.

Bosco's list has five carts, three are in use and two available, unfortunately Red needs a cart just a little smaller than the two on hand.

If you have a cart sitting idle and could donate it to Red or any of the other dogs waiting for wheels please contact us at or call 727.639.9285.

Your gift of mobility can change a life.