Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vote for 2010 best idea to aid animals

Vote by Dec. 15, 2010

LOVELAND, Colo., Dec. 1, 2010 -- Heska Corporation  announced today that animal lovers everywhere can support and honor veterinary medicine by voting for one of the top four ideas submitted in the 2010 Heska Corporation Inspiration In Action Contest.

Heska will award the winner $25,000 to help bring the inspired idea to life. After a careful review of over one hundred project ideas, a panel of judges from the veterinary industry narrowed the competition down to four finalists.

Robert Grieve, Heska's Chairman and CEO said, "The Inspiration In Action contest is the latest of our 'Smarter, Together' projects and demonstrates our belief that great ideas come to life when we work in partnership with our customers and colleagues - individuals who are very gifted and dedicated professionals"

The Finalists are:

Pets Forever

Pets Forever helps low-income elderly, ill or disabled Larimer County residents maintain ownership of their pets for as long as possible. Pets Forever provides direct services and resources related to pet care, supporting the population of pet owners who particularly benefit from the human/animal bond.

Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation (PARC) Project

The PARC Project rescues Panamanian amphibian species that have been identified as critically threatened with extinction from an emerging disease caused by a fungal pathogen and takes them to established captive assurance colonies. The PARC Project is a model for amphibian crisis response.

The Prevent Unwanted Pets (PUP) Project

The PUP Project will create an educational program for school-aged children to address topics such as humane treatment and a commitment to spay and neuter. Another benefit of the project is inspiring children to enter the veterinary profession as technicians, veterinarians or volunteers.

World Vets

World Vets, is a non-profit that provides free veterinary aid worldwide to animals that otherwise would never receive veterinary attention. Currently spanning 24 countries, World Vets addresses both animal and human health issues to develop sustainable veterinary aid programs. These programs improve the well-being of the animal and human populations and empowers local partners through collaboration, education and training.

Individuals may vote only once. Heska will also award $5,000 to the second place winner. For more details on the finalists and to vote, please visit,

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