Wednesday, September 22, 2010

M*A*S*H Unit provides pet health care/safety as event season heats up

Pet events are a great place to mix and mingle with other pet owners, find helpful information on pet care, up to date veterinary health guides, nutrition facts, see the latest pet products and just have a pleasant outing with your best friend - they can also be a hazard to your pet.

Too much heat and excitement or too many tasty treats can stress your pet particularly older animals and those that are a few pounds overweight. Animals can quickly become exhausted and suffer heat exhaustion. Sore, cramped muscles and any number of other minor or major symptoms can ruin your pet's day; not to mention the dreaded costume contest.

The  For Paws Hospice M*A*S*H Unit is our answer to the human First Aid station. Equipped with a a Cool Down station providing fresh water and shade, a first aid nurse and ambulance service the unit is prepared to treat minor injuries and respond quickly to life threatening situations.

The staff of volunteers offers demonstrations of CPR and gives advise on keeping your pet safe and comfortable during events as well as at home.

Stop by our M*A*S*H Unit the next time we're at an event near you and pick up some "cool" health and wellness information for your best friend and make it a safe day.

If you would like to have the M*A*S*H Unit at your pet event please contact For Paws Hospice at 727.639.9285
M*A*S*H Mobile Animal Shelter Hospice is a registered trademark of For Paws Hospice, Inc and H.A.L.O Animal Ambulance. Inc

Event schedule:

The For Paws Hospice M*A*S*H Unit will be in Clearwater October 16 for The Blessing of the Animals, sponsored by Clearwater Unity Church, 2465 Nursery Road, Clearwater, Fl 33764

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