Monday, September 20, 2010

Wife volunteers husband to eat dog food for a month to benefit non profits for pets

Press Release

9.20.2010 - Lucky Dog Cuisine has teamed with Tampa Bay Non Profit, For Paws Hospice and Canine Cancer Awareness Org. - Company President will feed husband dog food for a month and share it on Youtube.

Bluffton SC, September 17, 2010: Dr. Janice Elenbaas, the driving force behind Lucky Dog
Cuisine is at it again. Known for their high quality healthy natural “human grade” dog food Lucky Dog Cuisine is also garnering a reputation as an off the wall fundraiser for animal non profit organizations. Her dog recently wrote a book called “Educating Humans” and all of the retail profits from that go to animal charities. This time she has her husband Jeff eating nothing but Lucky Dog for the entire month of October to raise money and awareness for a couple of wonderful charities.

With one in four dogs now being diagnosed with cancer each year the time has come to get more
proactive. People just don’t realize the magnitude of the problem and the tie in with Lucky Dog’s
philosophy is a natural. In Dr. Elenbaas words, “When an Oncologist diagnoses a patient with cancer, human or dog, one of the first things they recommend is to remove all processed foods from their diet.

At Lucky Dog, we don’t’ believe in processed foods in the first place. We encourage people to get their dogs on to a “whole food” diet before the problem strikes. When we found we could help with such a great cause we had to help.”

“The For Paws Hospice connection is a little different for us,” said Lucky Dog Cuisine’s President Dr. Janice Elenbaas. “Hospice care for pets is a new concept in companion animal care. They provide guidance and support to pet families at what is probably the low point of their lives.
For Paws Hospice, helps with things that no one ever thinks about. When a homeless person dies who had a dog, what happens to the dog,” Elenbaas writes? “If it happens to be in the Tampa Bay area it probably ends up with For Paws Hospice. They have had dogs taken into homes that were in their late teens that had never been in a house before. They may be lesser known but they are a great group.”

About Canine Cancer Awareness Org                   

1. Canine Cancer Awareness raises funds that are distributed for veterinary care for dogs with
cancer whose families are financially unable to provide treatment.
2. Canine Cancer Awareness is a tax-deductible non-profit organization whose aim is to raise
awareness of the prevalence of canine cancer, its effects and the available treatment options.
3. CCA's strives to elevate the public level of awareness while working in coordination with other
programs involved with issues regarding canine cancer.
4. CCA works to establish public and private relationships for financial support of the Canine
Cancer Awareness program by the raising of funds through various outlets, including, special
events, and annual dues from Associate Membership.

About For Paws Hospice Org                                    

For Paws Hospice is a not for profit organization assisting pet owners in Tampa Bay. Like
human hospice, For Paws Hospice assists families coping with life issues; in this case for their companion animal's including shelter, nutrition, advocacy, illness and treatment, long term care and final arrangements for life closure: keeping pets and their families together.

About Lucky Dog Cuisine

Each of Lucky Dog's five recipes is specially designed as a whole meal. It is easy to use, just thaw and serve! Along with their new grass fed beef flavors, they also offer their custom ground turkey option. Calcium is provided by cheeses and yogurt, not egg shells or bone meal. A variety of vegetables are steamed in filtered water and pureed for easy digestion. The company even uses extra virgin olive oil to ensure no chemical processing. All ingredients are sourced from right here in the United States! There are absolutely no additives or preservatives, by-products or meat meals in any of the recipes. Real food with nothing artificial! These recipes are all tested by the South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture and by independent labs for quality and nutrition. “Our food is so good, you can eat it too!”

Lucky Dog Cuisine Inc. is based in Bluffton, South Carolina. Shipping can be arranged for delivery straight to the customer’s door. Visit the company website for details

For further information email the company at

Contact: Jeff Ginn
Lucky Dog Cuisine Inc.
Phone 843-227-3331   

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